Chairman Senate voices support for open ballots in Senate polls

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) - Chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjarani has filed his reply in the Supreme Court and voiced his support of holding elections for the Upper House through open ballot.

According to details, Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani has submitted his reply in the Supreme Court hearing of the Presidential reference regarding Senate elections. The reply said that transparent election of the Senate is in the national interest, therefore, Senate elections should be held through open ballot.

Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjarani in his reply said that all stakeholders are in agreement for holding the Senate elections in a transparent manner and the Committee of the Whole has also recommended having the name of the voter on the ballot paper.

Sadiq Sanjarani opined that therefore, there should be a constitutional amendment for holding fair and transparent Senate elections. The reply said that if a member votes against the party policy, he should show courage by confessing and facing the consequences.

He said that even in 2015, rigging in the Senate elections and trading of votes were discussed and a Senate committee was also set up on this issue.